Planning last-minute Halloween costumes

Melissa Irish, Editor-In-Chief

With time going by so fast and getting caught up in schoolwork, it is all too easy to neglect to plan a Halloween costume.  But even if you don’t remember until the day of or get invited last-minute to a Halloween party, there are still plenty of options to get downright spooky quickly.



This Halloween classic can be achieved with basic makeup or face paint.  Create large circles around the eyes, a triangle on the nose, lines following the underside of the cheekbones, and a skull mouth on your lips in black to start defining the shape of the skull.  Follow this up adding a light color or colors of your choice on the cheekbones, forehead, and teeth of the mouth.  Put on clothes that are either black, white, or have bones on them to complete this costume.

Gingerbread Man

This special option for redheads (or anyone with a ginger wig laying around) is easy but clever.  Start by writing “Gingerbread Man” on either paper or cardboard, and then attach a piece of string so that the sign can be worn from your neck.  All you have left to do is carry a loaf of bread looted from your home, and then you are all ready to spend the night as a witty pun.

Modern Vampire

With minimal effort, this look can be a unique twist on the traditional Dracula.  First, don a primarily black outfit, with a few optional white accents for contrast.  Use a red marker or makeup to create two smallish circles a few centimeters apart for a bite mark, slick back your hair if possible, and pick up some fake vampire fangs to establish yourself as a terror of the night.


Using brown, pink, and orange makeup, create patches on the face.  I recommend doing a tan  triangle on the nose and pink circles on the cheeks.  Then use eyeliner to make it look as though the patches have been stitched on, and put on a flannel and jeans to complete the look.  For a bit of extra flair, put pieces of straw in your hair and sticking out of the flannel sleeves.


If you’ve ever played the computer game the Sims, you already know where I’m going with this.  First, find green paper and a template for a Sim’s diamond, and then follow the template.  Once you complete the diamond, use wire to attach it to a headband in a way that will cause it to look like it is hovering above you.  Simply put on the headband and an outfit of your choice, and your Sim costume is ready!


These simple ideas should take almost no time, benefitting those who are in a rush to find a costume.  With these in mind, you are all ready to become the fright of the party!