5 reasons on why you should spend more time with your parents


Courtesy of Kortney Buresh

Kortney Buresh poses for a picture with her parents during softball senior night.

Kortney Buresh, Sports Editor

In the majority of teenagers’ worlds their lives revolve around school, co-curricular activities, friends, and probably their phones. I’m not judging because I only know this from experience. In this fast-paced world it’s important to prioritize the things that life throws at you, one of them being spending time with the people who’ve raised you.

Whether it’s the traditional father and mother, divorced parents, step parents, or people who took you in, parents hold a special place in most children’s hearts. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity  to be close with my parents, knowing that not everyone has this chance. So if you’re lucky enough, take full advantage.

It’s fun

Okay, hanging out with parents is not lame. When you’re out with your parents embrace it. I wouldn’t admit this to their faces, but they both have a pretty good sense of humor. They have instilled in me that no matter where you are, or who is watching, make the most out of everything. This is exactly what happens when I’m with them.

It won’t break the bank

One of the things I do with my parents is go out to eat, a lot. I would recommend putting your phone down and enjoy listening to them talk and laugh. (Plus, they pay for you.) Every time the bill comes a rush of excitement is brought with it due to my realization that I don’t have to pay for the meal myself.

You can be yourself

One of the greatest parts about hanging out with your parents is the fact that you get to be completely yourself. There’s no reason to look a certain way, put on a front, and all of your weird quirks get to come out with no judgement passed. Plus, whatever you do you’re their kid, so they like to make you feel like you’re the coolest person anyway.


We’re not getting any younger and let’s be real, neither are they. Soon you’ll be out of the nest and you’ll be moving on to bigger things in life and mom and dad won’t be able to come along. Cherish the time that you get to see them everyday.


I end up realizing it later rather than sooner, but parents are usually right when it comes to advice. I’m not sure if it’s some sort of superpower they have or just the fact that they’ve already been through the majority of the problems that I’m going through. So when they give the advice don’t fight it just appreciate it.

I’m stating this at the risk of sounding lame, but over the years I’ve learned that my parents have become my best friends. Being close with your parents has a lot more benefits than one might think. So if you have the opportunity take full advantage.