7 essential strategies for earning scholarships

Sara Fogarty, Copy Editor

Start now.

Applying for scholarships is a big project, so it is essential that you start as soon as possible. The hardest part is starting; once you can put a dent in the project, it will be easier to finish. Also, each scholarship has a specific deadline, so by starting now you will be able to apply for more before they aren’t available.


Apply for as many as you can.

You never know which scholarships you will get. Applying for multiple scholarships will increase your chances of earning money, and the total amount that you can put towards your tuition and other costs for college.


Apply for scholarships with lower rewards.

Not everyone is going to win the top amount of money and have the ability to pay their entire tuition with scholarships. By applying for scholarships with less value, you increase your chances of winning them because most of the time lower rewards are less competitive. Don’t assume that you will win the highest amount, either; apply for multiple, lower amount scholarships because your chances of winning are higher, and they will add up quicker than you think.


Get personal.

Hundreds of students are applying for the same scholarships as you. This varies, depending on which type of scholarship, but the trick is to make yourself standout compared to everyone else in the applicant pool. Write about something unique to you in your essays, and choose prompts that represent you the most if you have the option to choose.



When sending in your scholarships, one of the most important things to do is proofread. No colleges are going to see an incomplete or grammatically incorrect application and choose to award you money. Make sure to continuously re-read your essays and application information, and ask other people to check your writing too, because they will most likely find an error that you weren’t aware of.


Ask for help.

Applying for scholarships is a big deal, and you don’t have to do it alone. Ask parents, teachers, and other students for help and advice on how to apply for scholarships, and to see which scholarships other people are applying for that you may not know of. Here at Bellevue West the Career Center staff is dedicated to helping you apply for scholarships, and is a great resource to utilize. Some online resources to check out are Education Quest, Cappex, and the FAFSA.


Submit early.

You never know what will happen if you wait until the due date to submit your scholarships. By applying as early as possible you dodge the risk of not getting it in, and scholarship reviewers will be impressed with your timeliness.