Llynn’s the best nail choice in Bellevue on a budget


Emma Clark

Emma Clark shows off her fingernails after a trip to Llynn’s Nail Salon.

Emma Clark, Reporter

Nails, the one thing you can get into shape without exercise. Although you aren’t spending time in the gym, you are spending time in the chair.

Llynn’s is a small nail salon located off of the Capehart exit of Highway 75. It is a family business and they also own the authentic Vietnamese restaurant called IPho #1 right next door.

I go to Llynn’s once every two weeks to get my acrylic nails done. When I walk in I’m  greeted with the smiling faces of the owners’ children. The kids try to crawl on the adults while they’re working, but overall they’re cute and quirky.

The pricing is reasonable and compared to most places, cheap. They charge $25 for a full set of acrylic and $18 for a fill. Prices vary depending on if you want shellac, which would increase the price to $32.  If you want a design or jewels, the cost would just depend on what you want exactly.  

For my birthday, I went in to get a full set of acrylics with shellac and both of my ring fingernails full of rhinestones, which cost me about $48. When I saw the price, I was surprised because that was basically paying $16 for 2 fingers of rhinestones. I feel like my nail tech just threw that price out there out of frustration because she had quite a bit of trouble putting the rhinestones on.

A common thing people don’t understand about getting their nails done with acrylic is that going in one time isn’t going to get you exactly what you want. You have to work with your tech over multiple visits, not only to perfect your nails, but also to get to know the person doing them. The nail technicians are friendly and they get done pretty fast.

Although the end product is usually beautiful, if the nail techs have the slightest bit of people waiting, it turns into a rush job. Sometimes they can be rough on the cuticles, which is frustrating and painful.

The last time I went to get my nails filled two parties of people came in after me and my tech ended up accidentally cutting the sides of one of my nails with a file. It was uncomfortable and eventually it turned into a hang-nail that became red and swollen. If they slowed down, all of the issues I have with them would be resolved.

Overall the experience at Llynn’s is pleasant and going there is the highlight of my once-every-two-weeks.