Lady Gaga doesn’t disappoint in Omaha concert


LeAnne Bugay

Lady Gaga begins her show an hour and a half late at the CenturyLink Center on August 19, 2017.

LeAnne Bugay, Features Editor

Lady Gaga performed for a sold out crowd at the CenturyLink Center on August 19 as part of her Joanne World Tour. The seasoned pop singer left me speechless by the end of the night due to the combination of her show’s mix of high energy songs like “A-YO” and “Just Dance” and deep, personal songs like “Joanne” and “Angel Down.”

Being a Lady Gaga fan for quite some time, I went into the concert with high expectations.  Gaga holds six Grammys and 37 MTV Music Awards from across the globe. Her past shows such as the 2017 Super Bowl Halftime Show have set her a high reputation.

Her stage set up and wardrobe was always changing. Every few songs the stage would change style and her outfits would go from revealing to elegant.

I was annoyed after the singer started her show an hour and thirty minutes late, but she quickly made up for it with the strong rock-inspired vocals and choreography of her opener “Diamond Heart.”

Gaga kept the arena on its feet with the first half of her concert which focused on high energy dance songs. Fan favorites like “Poker Face” and “Telephone” had me singing along the whole time.

Halfway through her performance Lady Gaga took a much needed slower approach. The theme of the rest of the songs centered around family struggles and politics. The raw lyricism and deeper ideas connected me to Gaga because of how relatable the songs were.

I admire Lady Gaga for explaining her personal connection to each of the latter songs before performing them. In “Come to Mama” and “Born This Way” it’s easy to depict her political viewpoints, but her explanations of why she wrote them changed the atmosphere from party to sentiment.

Gaga ended the night perfectly with heartbreak songs like “Joanne” and “Million Reasons” that made the crowd tear up a little at her stories.

Lady Gaga exceeded my expectations. Gaga proved with the Joanne World Tour that she’s capable of putting on a show with versatility in her approach.