“Summer body” counteracts body positivity

Andrea Gonzalez, Reporter

The role of body positivity is for us to love and accept our bodies how they are. While society tries to enforce that most of the time, during the summer it’s overlooked and the main focus is achieving your summer body.

It starts in the months of April and May. In all social medias the big talk is preparing for your summer body. What is your summer body? Well, it’s basically the body that society wants you to have so you can wear crop tops, shorts, and bikinis during the summer.

Workout videos and dieting tips on how to get your summer body can be found almost in any social media right along with a photo of an 120 pound model.

Telling girls and boys that they have to maintain a summer body does not follow through with the idea of body positivity. On the contrary, it shames the bigger body sizes. It puts it out there that you won’t look good in a swimsuit if you do not have a slim body like a Victoria’s Secret model.

I think everyone has their own body shape for a reason. No one should change who they are because of what other people say is the ideal body shape. I believe in being healthy. If you are healthy, then it shouldn’t matter if you don’t have a thigh gap, a big butt or a flat stomach.

Being body positive means accepting your body how it is. Just because the season has changed, and your clothes will be a little more revealing, doesn’t mean you need to change who you are.

Ultimately, I think the whole summer body trend shouldn’t be a thing. Summer is the time to enjoy yourself with friends and family, not to be worrying about your figure. Anyways, your figure is perfect just the way it is.