Stapelton emulates country greats with latest album


Becky Fluke

Photo courtesy of Universal Music Group

Gabe Smith, Reporter

While southern rap music has become a recent fad for teen ears, Kentucky-born country music singer Chris Stapleton has an enticing appeal from his gospel-like lyrics to his unique voice, the bearded bard pleases ears with his latest release “From A Room: Volume 1.”

Stapleton has a unique mix of songs on the record; from slow songs such as “Broken Halos” and “Last Thing I Needed, First Thing This Morning,” to upbeat tracks like “Second One To Know”. His classic twang is comparable to country music icons such as Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson. Stapleton is similar to modern country singers lyrically, singing about love and loyalty.

Stapleton openly sings about his use of marijuana in “From A Room: Volume 1,” most notably in “Them Stems” where he uses the repetitive hook of “I’m in I’m in a bad, bad way again ‘Cause this morning I smoked them stems.” Stapleton’s signature voice and the interesting and unique lyrics add to the Nelson-like vibe Stapleton uses time and time again.

While there are many comparable artists, Stapleton still brings a unique and calming feel to all of the songs on this track. With ballads such as “Either Way,” where he speaks about his unfailing love for his wife; and “I was wrong,” where he talks about his past mistakes. The ballads were good, but I was left wishing there was slightly more substance.

The album was solid, but I wish he utilized more of his voice. While he left me hanging in the vocal aspect, he made up for it with his insightful and creative lyrics. With this being only his second studio album, Stapleton leaves room for improvement, but has also launched his name next to some of the greatest musicians of all time. If Stapleton continues on this path he will surely become one of the greatest singers of a generation that is largely ruled by rap music.

Overall I would rate this album as a 4 out of 5. While it was a short album, with only nine songs, it managed to make a good impression on me–someone who typically does not listen to country music on a regular basis. Lyrically it is different then may other artists, it is has similar aspects.