Best songs to listen in the summer


Avery Spencer, Reporter

The Less I Know the Better – Tame Impala

This song is one of those songs that puts an instant smile on my face. From the start of the groovy guitar to the wavy bass line, the singer’s voice has a mesmerizing pitch that flows well with the dark but upbeat tones of the song.

Crew – Goldlink

If you love 90’s R&B, this is the perfect song for you. The hook is catchy, the two verses delivered from Goldlink and Shy Glizzy are a perfect contrast. My favorite thing about the song are the little hints of xylophone chimes that are layered low but fill up the empty space, and the beat is just an overall bounce you can’t resist.

XO Tour Llif3 – Lil Uzi Vert

This is probably the biggest song of the summer already. Whenever I hear it, I can’t help but scream the lyrics at the top of my lungs. The energy that feeds off this record would be amazing for summer road trips with friends and open windows. One thing that caught me the most about his lyrics is how they can be interpreted in different ways. His line, “push me to the edge, all my friends are dead,” kept me thinking until it was cemented in my brain until I loved the song.

God’s Whisper – Raury

To me this is somewhat a modern version of “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” The message this song gives out of rebellion and a new generation of young adults is one that resonates well. The acoustic guitar gives a bonfire feel but the energy from the words and hook make you want to scream at the world to be heard.

GOD. – Kendrick Lamar

This is another one of those feel good songs. After hearing this, you will catch yourself singing, “This what God feel like” non stop. The bass kick is steady throughout the song and is a constant pattern that keeps you engaged. What I love most about the production is it gives it space between the hook and verse where there isn’t too much going on. It’s simple but more at the same time.

Just What I Am – Kid Cudi

The thing I love most about this track is it makes you feel okay to be yourself and get lost in the music. One of the things I love about Kid Cudi’s music is they set a vibe that takes over. While listening to this song I get a sense of freedom to be myself just like you should feel in the summer. The song starts out with a strong feature verse from King Chip.

Dry Cry – Sizzla

No way you can have a summer playlist without a Reggae classic. This song is the epitome of music that comes from the heart. Whenever you happen to have a bad day, throw is record on and the hook will brighten you right up. “Just one of those days”. The echoing guitar makes this record relatable as well. It has all elements in music with a classic caribbean style.

Devastated – Joey Bada$$

To me, this is the definition of a summer song. Everytime I hear it makes me grateful of life. The words are so uplifting throughout the whole record. The bassline is jazzy, guitar is a mellow three chord look, and the drums of it bring a upbeat hip hop element with a recurring hi hat pattern and 808’s that join perfect with the bassline.