Factors to consider when hosting a graduation party


Kortney Buresh

Pictures, cards, and memorable keepsakes are situated for a graduation party.

Kortney Buresh, Entertainment Editor

Being only a junior my graduation experience is limited, unless you count preschool, or sixth grade. With that I think we just got a juice box and a cookie. However, I’ve seen many of my upperclassmen friends say their goodbyes to high school. With combination of their parties plus with the help of Pinterest, there are 5 keys in throwing a successful grad party.

The objective is to throw  a party that will stand out from 400 other of your classmates. But, being practical is key in order to keep things functional.


Whatever type of food you want make sure it’s practical enough that it’s able to be made in large quantities. “Simply delicious” is the best way to go. Anything that can be put in a roaster and easy to grab will do.

One of the worst things that could happen is for guests to come and find nothing on their plates. Make sure there is extra, to provide for the guests who came who didn’t rsvp.


Outdoor parties make for the best picture lighting, and the easiest space. Most grad parties are in May or June, and its Nebraska.. So if the party is outside, make sure there is indoor seating available in case any spontaneous weather occurs. Along with the spacing, have the location that is easy to find.


With any party it’s important to be a good host. After all, you are the main event. If someone received an invitation and took the time to come, the graduate needs to be available to talk to them. So this means with anyone who comes have at least a small conversation with them at some point in the day.  It sounds a little tiring but it’s the polite thing to do, and it can set your party apart from all the others.

When handing out invitations, to avoid crowding, make sure the invitations go out to people who have supported you throughout your school years.  This way each person that you invite is a meaningful guest.

Also make sure to go over the guest list with your mom, to avoid the awkward “I remember when you were this little” spoken by a complete stranger that  turns out to be an important family friend you knew nothing about.                   


One of the most rewarding things to do is to reflect on memories. Have something people can write their favorite memories on. An example would be little paper notes that they can stick in a jar, or a journal that each guest could write in. Looking through them will allow you to reflect on all the people in your life and how they have had an impact.


Decorate with meaningful mementos. This can be achievements like, certificates, trophies, medal, anything that mean something to you. Keep it meaningful and avoid things like a ribbon from the first grade.

Pictures are a must. Print any picture out that capture a great memory during the past 12 years of school. Pictures are a room’s best decoration. Especially when they are of expected guests that interact with the graduate.

The basics of a party’s are all covered and the rest is up to each graduate. After all it is their party so put a personal flavor to it. Along with anything in Senior year, graduation parties are bittersweet, and this is the best place to mark the end of high school, and to start the next chapter in life.