Mu Alpha Theta newest addition to Bellevue West organizations


Mu Alpha Theta sign announces Math Week celebration.

Sara Fogarty, News Editor

Mu Alpha Theta is a nationally known club designed to inspire interest in mathematics, develop strong knowledge in the subject, and promote the enjoyment of mathematics in high school and college students.

Mu Alpha Theta was introduced in February, and has since been a part of Bellevue West.

“Last year, Mrs. Homan had a student who had moved in from another state; her school had Mu Alpha Theta and Mrs. Homan asked if I had heard of it and I hadn’t,” sponsor Angela Daughtrey said. “I started doing some research online and decided I would like to bring this honor society to our school and use it as a math club.”

Students who have completed Algebra II Advanced and will continue into Pre Calculus Advanced, Calculus, or AP Statistics are available to apply. Students must additionally carry a B average in their math courses starting with Algebra I Advanced. As of June 2016, more than 113,500 students are involved in Mu Alpha Theta at over 2,300 schools in the United States, and in 20 foreign countries.

“I decided to apply for Mu Alpha Theta because it seemed like a great way to learn more about math,” senior Kate Shewchuk said.

Involvement in Mu Alpha Theta will expose students to higher level math that can benefit them while planning for their academic futures.

“I am interested in majoring in mathematics in college,” junior Ireland Murphy said. “I hope that I get to learn new things about the math field that will further my interest in the subject.”

One of the first activities planned by Mu Alpha Theta took place during the week of March 13, also known as ‘Pi Day.’

“We had games that involved pi and other forms of math for the whole school to be involved in,” Shewchuk said. “Since this is the first year of Mu Alpha Theta we haven’t been able to do many activities, but we are already planning for next year.”

Because Mu Alpha Theta was just recently introduced to Bellevue West, the planning of Pi week has been the one of the main activities of the club. Daughtrey hopes to include the school in future activities.

“The activities that we host will be open to all students who enjoy mathematics and not just those initiated into Mu Alpha Theta,” Daughtrey said. “I really want this to be the students’ honor society, so they will be a big part in creating the vision for the future of Mu Alpha Theta.”