Last minute prom without stress


Kortney Buresh

Corsages and Boutonnieres are still available at local Hyvee floral shop

Kortney Buresh, Entertainment Editor

Prom season is quickly approaching. Promposals become bigger, skin gets darker, and people may get a little crazier. Some girls already bought their dresses in the beginning of January. If this thought stresses you out, have no fear.

With only having about 40 minutes the past three homecomings due to softball games I’ve become a pro at last minute dance plans. Of course prom is bigger than homecoming, so this is why there is a need for preparing for the procrastination of prom planning. 

So behold the the list of how to experience a stress-free, last minute prom.


Expensive doesn’t always mean the best.

Shopping for a dress on last minute can become stressful. It’s okay to be picky but just because it’s not designer brand doesn’t mean it won’t look good. Besides, the chances of wearing the dress again are slim.


Due to the lack readiness, it’s important to pick a restaurant that everyone is not going to. I would stay away from the main stream restaurants and go for something not as popular.  There’s also always the choice of eating at home with your group. Enjoy cooking and eating with friends. This also provides an escape from money, and the trending fear of having to call for a reservation.


Once a dress or tie has been picked out, now is the time to consider the trademark of having a date. Thankfully it only takes about a day to order and pick up a corsage or boutonniere. However go in sooner rather than later to guarantee a corsage that looks best with the attire.

Pinning is winning.

With prom creeping closer and closer, salons are booking up fast. YouTube and pinterest are going to be your best friend in this situation. Pinterest makes it easy to dictate what kind of hair length you have and the style you’re looking for. There are plenty of youtube videos out there that have tutorials on any hairdo and makeup combinations.

The venue.

Taking pictures are half the battle. But don’t get too worked up on the scenery behind you, the main focus will be on the group anyways. A simple park or trees in the background will do.

Keep an emergency stash.

The lack of preparation may have caused some rushing during the getting ready process. No need to fret as long as there’s a clutch involved. In this clutch will behold the products needed for the big night. These items include: bobby pins, lip gloss, mints, tissues, and safety pins.

Don’t Stress.

Prom is a big night that can encounter some great high school memories. But don’t stress about it. Yes, if you’re reading this it’s probably because you’re on a last minute rush but don’t worry.  It will all end up being okay. Ten years from now, people aren’t going to remember the stain dropped on the dress or strand of hair falling out.