Momzilla takes prom experience as her own


Graphic by Avery Spencer

In the drawing, the mom fixes her son’s tie while he is annoyed she is trying to run his prom as her own.

Avery Spencer, Reporter

“Here let me fix your tie.”

“Oh your shirt isn’t tucked in right.”

“Smile more!”

Those are all the little nit-picky things my mom said on Homecoming night that would be ten times worse on prom night.

Prom moms are always equipped with camera ready pose suggestions, tips to improve your looks, memory stories and buckets of tears to watch their teenager go off to prom. Kids usually aren’t the biggest fans of their parents all in their way on what’s supposed to be their biggest night of high school but we deal with it as it goes.

Unless you get a kid that has no interests in prom and refuses to go against their mothers wishes.

My mom and I have been going back and forth over prom since my sophomore year and opinions haven’t changed since. The desire to get a tux ready and try to out shine everyone at my school burns in her as it is barely a thought in my head.

“I just feel like prom night is not something you want to look back on and say ‘I wish I went,’” Denise Spencer, my mom and graduate of James Madison Sr. High School class of 1993, said. “When I went to prom it was one of the best experiences I had in high school and seeing what they do now at proms are even better. I don’t see how you doesn’t show an interest. “

This also isn’t the first time my mom had to convince one of her shy kids to go to prom. She also had to force my brother to go his senior year in 2012.

“Your brother had the same exact attitude except he was a little easier to push,” my mom said. “And after your brother had went he said he had an amazing time especially after prom where even he tries to convince you to go. You’re is just a little extra stubborn like your momma.”

In my mother’s defense, she has a point. Yes, I shouldn’t knock something until I try it and prom could very well be an extravagant night in my life where I live it up to the fullest and write a book about it. But also I could be right and I can have an absolute terrible time.

They say moms always know best so maybe I’ll take her advice and see what the hype is about. But just like she said I’m stubborn so you can probably catch me at home April 8.