Relaxing playlist suggestion for spring

Bex Rangel, Reporter

What’s spring break without music? Definitely not one to look forward to. Here are a few songs that may help you relax over the lack of new sound over your days on vacation.

Lazuli by Beach House was created when vocalist of the group, Victoria Legrand, found herself obsessed with the word “lazuli,” as she told the online music magazine Pitchfork. One of their more obvious electronic tunes, the band created a song that most definitely reminds one of blue, as though someone were diving into a sea or dreaming in hues.

Holland, 1945 by Neutral Milk Hotel was written by the band’s lead singer, Jeff Mangum, who was supposedly inspired by an Anne Frank’s diary and thus created this song, which strongly alludes to her death and her “reincarnation” in his imagination. It’s as catchy as it is morbid.

You Can by Tearjerker begins with static and mellows out into a slow, melodic beat, reminding you of rainy days and a city. The lyrics aren’t very clear upon listening for the first time (or maybe ever, since I’ve had this song around for a while and still only pay attention to the instrumentals), though thankfully, they are evidently on the backburner, with the sound at the forefront.

Love Fade by Tamaryn is not necessarily stimulating with its lyrics, as they are simple and transparent. Filled with a lot of reverb and background noise, the song is just loud enough to allow you a sunny afternoon on the beach and soft enough to put you to sleep (on the beach).

Boyfriend by Best Coast is a song meant for a day spent at home, laying on the couch and watching Netflix. Most definitely a pining song, this ode will have you wondering if that one boy (that doesn’t exist) will ever text you over the break.

In Vertigo by Beach Fossils has nonsensical lyrics, although you could probably take a guess at what it could be about. The music itself is one that could go without vocals, sounding as if it came from an old film or a story set in a time further back from ours.

Summertime is Coming by Paul Banks is much more audible and concise with its parts. The lyrics being only a part of the sorrowful ballad, though its calming instrumentals are perfect for a spring-like breeze or a light rain. If you happen to be on a beach (because it’s obviously the ideal place for spring break), this tune will bring you a feeling you’ve never had before.