BPS Board of Education approves 1 to 1 iPad implementation plan


Graphic by Sara Fogarty and Jacob Kunes

Junior Kaitlyn Little works on an iPad for Spanish class. She is assigned homework and activities through apps like Google Classroom.

Sara Fogarty, News Editor

In 2011, Bellevue Public Schools established a Technology Initiative Committee. Through the committee a technology plan, stating the guidelines of how technology was to be integrated into the district, was created and approved by the board in 2012.

Since 2012, along with the purchase of Mac computers for all teachers, iPads have become a staple for learning in Bellevue Public Schools. With the creation of the iPad Academy, a model for the integration of iPads into the curriculum for all grade levels, Bellevue has begun the road to a complete 1 to 1 district, where every student will have a device.

“By each student having a device, there are more choices as to how curriculum is delivered and much easier ways to differentiate between students,” Director of Technology Greg Boettger said.

The use of iPads in classrooms revolutionizes the way teachers instruct, and the way that students learn.

“I can use color in explanations and practice exercises to highlight how to do things,” Spanish teacher Carol Lake said. “Almost all of my assignments are now PDFs, and I make very few copies.”

Although technology is always evolving, using iPads as a learning platform can have some downsides especially because Bellevue is not a full 1 to 1 district yet, and many classes function with shared models.

“The shared model can be a problem with students’ work being lost sometimes,” Lake said. “However that is happening less and less.”

In addition to teachers acclimating their class structures, students will also have to adjust their learning strategies for the future 1 to 1 environment.

“Sometimes it can be hard to focus because there are tons of distractions on the iPads,” senior Aidan Klaassen said.

The eventual 1 to 1 program will also change the way that students interact with the community.

“The last training I was at, I learned about virtual reality field trips you can take your classes on,” biology teacher Wade McVey said. “I’m still working on it, but that is something I really want to do with the students in my class.”

Because the Technology Implementation plan has been approved by the Board, Bellevue Public Schools will become a full 1 to 1 iPad district.

“The world today revolves around responsible use of technology,” Boettger said. “We owe it to our students to prepare them for the world they will be working in.”