Migos show who is defining the culture


Screenshot of Migos album cover.

Migos new album, Culture, released Jan. 27.

Avery Spencer, reporter

“Migos is the culture,” said Offset, one-third of the Atlanta based rap group Migos.

“Culture” is a sophomore album by Atlanta based rap group Migos. “Culture” is a follow up effort from their recently released mixtape called “3 Way” released October of last year. The album is highly anticipated after the rising popularity of their hit single “Bad and Boujee”, their first certified platinum single, which also helped them gain a shout out from Donald Glover during the Golden Globe Awards.

The album includes features from Travis $cott, Gucci Mane, 2 Chainz, and Lil Uzi Vert plus production from Metro Boomin, Zaytoven, Cardo and many more powerhouse producers. It consisted of 13 tracks that are solidifying Migos as one of the top groups in hip hop.

The opening track starts off with DJ Khaled doing a soon-to-be famous monologue about how Migos are the inspiration behind the culture of current hip hop. After that, each member of the group; Offset, Takeoff, & Quavo, deliver a verse in their own unique style in an attention grabbing way to start an album.

They follow up the intro with their three singles;T- Shirt”, “Call Casting”, and “Bad and Boujee.” Surprisingly, the album doesn’t fall off after this since these were some of the biggest songs last year. “Culture” continues to not disappoint me except for a few tracks throughout.

The production on “Culture” shows growth in the group while staying true to their original sound. Still trap sticking with a trap sound, but using auto tune in right spots for background melodies and catchy hooks.

My favorite thing about the album is how they learned to use their voice as an instrument with low lingering harmonies that ring in the distance in some songs. They also didn’t let other features take over the album despite having heavy hitters on songs. Also, people will remember them distinctively this album instead of being confused on who is who within the trio.

The highlight song to me is “Kelly Price” ft. Travis $cott because they use $cotts’ producer Mike Dean and his sound to show their versatility to a place I didn’t expect for them.

Overall I was very pleased with “Culture”, to a point where I’ve been listening to it nonstop since it was released.