Must have foods at any Super Bowl party

Kortney Buresh, Entertainment Editor

Plump the couch pillows, strategize bathroom breaks, exercise those vocal cords, and get the TV a therapist to cope with the yelling. Many have been preparing for this since the fall. This is a sport within itself. It’s time for the 51st annual NFL championship game.

Besides the catchy commercials and the anticlimactic halftime shows,  the Super Bowl wouldn’t be the super bowl without the appetizing array of food.

Whether it’s a room full of people, a small crowd, or a party of one, make sure to feed the appetite. After all, it wouldn’t be an “American holiday” if you didn’t have a plethora of food. To fulfill the duties of an A- 1 host, follow this guideline and prepare these “must haves.”

Chicken Wings

It doesn’t matter if it’s catered, or from a frozen package, just have them. Wings are arguably the most important dish of any gathering. They’re like the football to the game. To play you have to have the ball. To host, you have to have the wings. Oh and the sauces are like the players: they’re necessary too.

Pigs in Blankets

Is it even a party without pigs in a blanket? The answer is no. Finger foods like these are a vital necessity to any sport watcher. Don’t forget the toothpicks. Taking out these is taking out the fun.


Add a small buffet with multiple ingredients such as cheese, chicken, beef, lettuce, tomatoes and other favorites to make the perfect combination.

Vegetable trays

Vegetables may not be the popular choice on the menu, yet it’s important to have options. Vegetable trays are easy to get, convenient and available at most grocery stores.


Pizza Hut broke the record in 2016 in single day digital sales to $12 million, according to CNBC’s website. It’s 2017. New year, new record.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Coming from a sweet tooth, there should always be room for desserts. Bake or buy, chocolate chip cookies are the safe way to go. The simple taste of the warm chocolate chips that melt in a mouth make it delicious causing a lot of guests make frequent visits to the kitchen.

Chip and Dip

More like the perfect ice breaker. They’re a great starter food for guests who are coming in. They’re casual making a great combination the ability to eat while in conversation, or something to do in case of lack of conversation.

Patriots or Falcons, these foods are here to make the celebration bigger, or to numb the sting of a loss. Whatever food is decided, make sure its touchdown worthy.