Trump victory casts future in doubt

Patience Jurgens, Reporter


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Congratulations, Mr. Trump, on your presidential win. I know you’re going to try your very hardest to “Make America great again.”

There’s a few things you’re going to need to know will affect my life personally if you follow through with everything you’ve said.

First thing, I’m going to have to spend as much time as possible with one of my best friends before I could possibly never see her, or her family, again.

There will come a day when I have to give her one last goodbye, because you said you would deport her.

And that wall you’re going to build will serve as the symbol of separation between me and some of my closest friends. They’re going to have to start a whole new life because of your policies.

I may be ignorant for wanting to grant amnesty to undocumented immigrants, but they have just the same amount of rights to be here as I do. This country is comprised of immigrants.

But there’s some more you should know about how my life’s going to change.

My friend who recently became pregnant at 14 and if your policies take action, she’s going to have minimal resources to help her with the child whether she keeps it or not.

Oh, and if she decides to place the baby for adoption, hopefully the waiting list is short enough that the child will have a loving home to grow up in.

No worries, though, our extensive amount of single mothers and citizens in poverty don’t matter as much as a fetus.

My Muslim friends from middle school are scared to wear their hijabs because of your words and your followers.

It’s strange to me that my friends can’t express their religion in a country where the First Amendment to the Constitution preserves religious freedom.

But lastly, Mr. Trump, you have changed America. You have turned our nation’s progress wheel back 50 notches just by the words you have said. Making many believe these kinds of things are okay.

My own cousin came home and asked if he was going to be killed because of his race. He is only 8 years old.

Your words and your supporters have left everyone terrified.

I can continue on with this list for days, but it has to come to end at some point.

Even though you are the least competent person for the job of President of the United States, I still hope that you can make a turn around and be a decent president.

If you fail, we all go down with you.