“Make American Great Again”: Trump’s policies can turn to prosperity

AJ Forbes, Sports Editor


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As Donald J. Trump steps onto the podium in Washington, D.C. to be inaugurated as President of the United States on January 20, 2017, the nation will be introduced to a refreshing view on the political stage. Trump has only been heavily involved in politics for the last year, but his policies will reshape the country for the better.

What the public has been focusing on for the past year has been the Donald’s unpopular comments regarding minorities. Though I do not agree with these comments, they should not take away from the quality of his policies.

Within the first 100 days of the Trump administration, he plans to suspend immigration from terror-prone areas where background checks are difficult, such as the Middle East. This is simply a way to prevent terroristic threats from entering the United States.

Trump also plans to begin removing the more than 2 million illegal immigrants from the United States and canceling visas of those whose home countries refuse to take them back. The fact that these illegal immigrants have came into this country illegally, knowing full-well that there would be a very real possibility of deportation, makes the argument that Trump would be purposefully tearing families apart naive.

Deporting these illegal immigrants would not only be the ethical thing to do, it would also bring millions of job opportunities to Americans. Businesses would no longer have the option to hire illegal immigrants at a lower wage. This would then open up job opportunities for legal Americans.

As a well-renowned businessman before he got involved in politics, Donald Trump is more than qualified to help the United States’ continuing economic dilemma. After the Obama administration raised the national debt to a whopping $19.5 trillion and barely maintain an unemployment rate that continues to sit around 5%, leave it to a businessman turned President to carry this country into a state of prosperity.

By imposing import tariffs as high as 35%, businesses in the United States will be deterred from making their products in foreign countries. Consequently, companies will take the money they had used to hire foreign factory workers and use it to hire the American people.

Trump’s campaign slogan “Make America Great Again” is not only what we see on red baseball caps and yard signs, it is also a legitimate promise that his policies are designed to fulfill.