Review: Vala’s Pumpkin Patch provides great food, great time.

Andrea Gonzalez, Reporter

Sweater weather is here and it’s time to relax at a seasonal attraction with the whole family. As you walk into Vala’s Pumpkin Patch you can feel the Halloween spirit, being surrounded by pumpkins, haunted houses and bonfires. You can almost taste the caramel apples and kettle corn.  Located in Gretna, Vala’s is an exciting place with many different attractions, live shows, and delicious restaurants to spend on an Autumn day.

I couldn’t be happier with the food at Vala’s. I had a half-pound hotdog from Pirate Cove Grub & Grog, which was delicious. They have the best tasting cookies from the Cookie Coop. Small, different flavored cookies are served in either a cup or a bucket. I got chocolate chip cookies which were soft and warm. As I took a bite, the chocolate slowly dripped into my mouth. They have another 23 food stations located all around the pumpkin patch. You won’t be hungry, and you will be satisfied.

The live show “Flying Stunt Dogs” is great. It’s a comedy live show featuring Border Collies. The humor is great for all ages. I sat down for the “Pumpkin Eating Dragon Show,” but wasn’t very satisfied. The jokes were corny and they kept talking about random ideas for almost 10 minutes, which wasn’t interesting.

There are 56 attractions (all free with admission) that you could choose from. One of them being the Graveyard Golf. It’s a mini golf course illuminated with neon lights. It’s small, but very fun! Another one is the 3-acre corn maze which is awesome! Getting lost in there is great, until it becomes serious and you can’t find your way out. The place is gigantic but easy to get around. The staff is wonderful and they welcome you with open arms. The Haunted Houses aren’t that scary, so it’s perfect for kids. The whole family will enjoy going to Vala’s. Oh, don’t forget to take a picture at the popular Giant Rocking Chair.

Vala’s Pumpkin Patch is only open during the season and will close on Monday, Oct. 31.