Burst of color changes West walls


Stephanie Henry

It’s hard to miss the newly painted yellow walls in the cafeteria, commons and office area. A shock of yellow greets students and staff when they enter the school.

Senior Jessica Trimpey said, “I like [the walls] because it brings happiness to the room.”

That was part of initial idea to paint the walls yellow instead of white. According to Principal Kevin Rohlfs the white walls were “so bland and very cold,” almost “like an institution.”

The school contracted with Hank Eby, an outside contractor to paint the walls. A small group of staff members helped Rohlfs to decide if the yellow was the right color, but in the end it was Rohlfs’ decision.

But the yellow can seem almost overpowering. Senior Brittany Scoma said that she doesn’t like the walls because it’s “not a pretty yellow.”

Rohlfs has a plan to help break up the yellow in the upcoming years.

“My hope is for each senior class to come up with inspirational quotes for each panel to break up the yellow with purple,” Rohlfs said.