Each school year brings a bundle of new experiences



First Day from Bellevue Video Yearbook on Vimeo.

Video by Rachel Colwell.

Each year students swarm the halls of Bellevue West on the official first day of school finding friends and classes. Upperclassmen recognize almost every face that crosses their path, and can find their classes with ease. Meanwhile, unrecognizable freshmen walk through the hallways trying to get use to the high school experience.

Freshmen aren’t as intimidated as stereotypes may suggest, however. Having a freshmen day before school starts makes the official first day of school easier to manage.

“My first day was easy. I rode my skateboard here so it was fun. The second day of school was more intimidating. It took me awhile to get to my classes,” freshman Sam Hansen said.

Moving from a middle school environment to a high school scene may not be difficult for most freshmen, but change is inevitable. Once a student reaches the high school level, everything becomes different.

“It was chaotic because of the sheer number of kids walking around. Getting around was easy though because the students were walking around like they were apart of traffic,” freshman Logan McKaig said.

Freshman teacher Sarah Geiken is used to helping freshmen students make the switch from middle school to high school. She has been teaching at Bellevue West for four years.

“They are just so cute when they come in, I think they are just adorable. I also think freshmen day is a great way for them to practice,” Geiken said.

Walking into Bellevue West as a student for the fourth year in row can begin to feel like a routine for seniors. Everything is familiar to them, with an exception of the new freshmen students.

“It just felt like a normal day at school,” senior Keenan Humm said.

A normal day at school with a few unfamiliar faces. The first day of senior year despite the loss of peers from the previous year, tends to bring out the excitement in students.

“Walking into school I felt on top of the world,” senior Caitie Kieser said.

Students of all ages look forward to a variety of things for this upcoming school year.

“I look forward to all of the new tech classes because I’ve always liked engineering,” Mckaig said.

While freshmen look forward to certain classes, seniors look forward to more responsibility in their upcoming classes and activities.

“I look forward to being Vice President of West High Singers and doing my DECA project,” Kieser said.

The freshman teachers watch the students grow throughout their high school experiences. They can go from teaching freshmen students on their first day of highschool to watching the same students walk at graduation.

“I love seeing how students change, mature, and grow into themselves. A lot of students find clubs and activities to get into. That’s what I love the most,” Geiken said.

Each school year brings a bundle of new experiences ranging from a student’s freshman year to their senior year. A student can be filled with excitement for years to come, or consumed with senioritis. No matter what the age, the high school experience is all about how each student perceives it.

Chloe Brim
Features Editor