In-Depth: Environmental issues in Nebraska and beyond

The Thunderbeat explored different ways Nebraska’s environment, and the state’s approach to environmental issues, is changing.

In-Depth Feature: Controversy over proposed development in Lincoln

Jacki Petrow, Editor-in-Chief

The Indian Center, Inc. and the Nitskithe Prayer camp are pursuing legal action against the City of Lincoln over the planned Wilderness Crossing project. The most recent protests over the development were held in February, before a court appeal was filed in March. The project includes more than 400 houses and apartments planned to be built adjacent to land on which two sweat lodges, structures within...

Infographic: Wind and solar farms in Nebraska

Emmalie Herd, Co-Editor-in-Chief


Infographic: Climate change and Nebraska agriculture

Jacki Petrow, Editor-in-Chief

Opinion: The Willow Project will harm the earth

Alex Jolley, Reporter

There is no need to drill for more oil with the advancing technology we have. Solar power can be used as a form of energy rather than oil, and has significantly dropped in price over the past decade. Another form of energy that could be used is wind energy, which has a technical potential of more energy than the current global production of electricity. Yet, the Willow project was approved by President Joe Biden on March 13, allowing ConocoPhillips, t...

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