A late start means a late end


Every morning students wake up to an annoying beeping sound coming from some type of alarm. In order for students to make it to school on time, they have to wake up an hour or two before school. By the time everyone gets to school, their energy level has already reached an all time low.

Coming to school in the early morning hours may be a daily struggle for most students, and it’s true students may not have a lot of energy, but there are more perks to early starts. Students get out of school earlier in the day so they can continue on with their lives, after school activities won’t usually go late, and students can be home at a decent hour everyday.

Many people believe having a later start in Bellevue Public Schools would be beneficial to all of the students. The only thing they are really focusing on is the fact that students would get a chance to sleep in before they have to go to school. In the end, having a late start would just push everything back a couple of hours, and the cycle of students being exhausted for school would continue.

Let’s say administrators agree to having a late start in Bellevue Public Schools. Students wouldn’t have to arrive at school until ten in the morning. The last bell would ring at five o’clock in the evening. After-school activities would run into the evening as well, and some students may not get home until way later. Homework would still be a priority of course so everyone would still go to bed late completing homework and talking to their friends, and be too tired to wake up the next morning.

Technically, having a late start would only push everything back a couple of hours and wouldn’t solve any of the problems most students and parents complain about. No matter what time school starts, every teenager will be exhausted from staying up late or waking up early.

Late starts would not be beneficial to anyone; it’s all just an illusion.

Chloe Brim